Do Cloud9 blocks big request



In my node.js application I do a POST request to a certain route. POST body contains text, let’s say size of about 1 megabyte. The problem is that this request does not come to server, but if I reduce POST body size to 1k then the request is handled.

At start I thought that is was a limit of a webserver under my app, so I decided to check it out by adding a log message on every request I get. It turns out that requests with large body do not even come to server.

So my question is do cloud9 blocks requests if its size is over certain limits?


Your logging it… I rememeber when i use to log Base64Images… It takes about 10seconds to show up… So you have to be patient.


Cloud9 doesn’t block large post requests. I can save large files using cloud9 sdk running on cloud9, which uses put.

Are you using php? If yes or may be useful