Django runserver POST times out



I have a django app running almost successfully on c9, except POST requests seem to be blocked to some extent somewhere between my workspace and my web browser. The site I am attempting to work on is up and running successfully in many other environments, some including reverse proxies and/or WAF.

The initial requests on c9 work, but only the GET. When I attempt to log in, the POST request does not register on the django runserver output initially. After an extended period of time (minutes) the browser times out and lets me know the site is not reachable. Then some very large amount of time later the POST request shows up in the django runserver saying there was a socket error. c9 premium support didn’t seem to be of much help, so I’m hoping the community might have some idea.

I used the python option when building my workspace, and installed everything in a virtualenv from a requirements file that I know works many other locations. Does anyone have any ideas?