Disk usage more than i expected


i’m billing to pro subscription, up to 10GB disk usage.

one of my workspace contains express, vue and so on. it uses about 1.2GB of disk (by quota -s)

But ide resource meter shows me i using about 60% of disk (however text shows 1196MB/10240MB, as i expected)

by ncdu, i recognize /usr and /nix folder using 2.2GB and 1.9GB.

most of /usr is /x86_64-linux-gnu(324MiB) and lib(583MiB)

most of /nix is /store(1.9MiB) which have a lot of files i didn’t use

why it charged to me that i don’t use and included by default?

my minor workspace (1GB) does not contain these files for disk usage. it shows only 9MB of disk is used.

i installed mongodb in workspace with problem. it installed out of ~/workspace.

is it cause this problem?

i need help


Try running du-c9 | sort -h. This will show you a sorted list of files that count against your usage.


i know this. but why these files charged to me?

initial workspace does not count except ~/workspace. but now contains whole disk.


This has always been the case. System files aren’t taken into account (for instance, the OS), but files that are added by you do take up space (such as files in /tmp or database files). If you’re running a lot of updates and upgrades, those can dump a fair amount of artifacts into your machine which you’ll want to clear out.


you means sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade can cause this problem?


sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get install are usually fine, but sudo apt-get upgrade takes up too much space and will quickly max out your space. Most of the time, you shouldn’t need to upgrade, but you probably can install newer versions of specific packages manually if you need to.


thanks! now i know the solution.

Then, i would make new workspace and migrate my work files to there.

is it best solution to fix my problem?

or any solution to recovery disk usage?