Disk space suddenly full while using the ide



So I was editing my javascript file with the ide when suddenly the disk quota got reached.
As seen above, it’s been suddenly filled.
Furthermore, I tried downloading the whole workspace files and its size was only 30MB.
The only thing that I did except for editing the files is making Heroku master.
I’ve tried restarting the ide, restarting the bash etc. but it wouldn’t go back to the original disk space.
I’m assuming that it’s probably a display error because there is no problem in editing the files after this.
But I am a bit concerned that this might lead to some memory corruption/bug, so I thought that I should ask.
Thank you.


Closed, as it’s been fixed after some time.


We’ve had some intermittent errors with incorrect reporting over the last few days; these generally stabilize within an hour or so. If you or anyone else sees this for longer than a period of 2 hours, please reach out to us at support@c9.io. Thanks!