Disk space full message despite clearing out files


I am getting a disk space full message. I looked at this thread but doesn’t help. Here’s my current size:

du -sh *
20K lib
177M workspace

I removed (> rm -rf) 200MB from workspace and 450MB from /tmp but the size-meter at the top right doesn’t budge at all. It should show the ~650MB of reclaimed space, no? Do I need to do anything else so that the deletes actually are refelected in the size-meter and I can start coding again?



I had this problem before, had to reload my workspace after deleting files and it worked fine.


Thanks. Assuming you mean ‘Restart’ when you say reload? I tried that (and just did again) but that did not help.


Haha no, I literally reloaded my workspace page in the browser and it updated the disk space usage. Sorry it didn’t work for you.