Disk space full max 5GB



I am not sure what causes the disk to get full? I do not have much content in the site perhaps it is the log messages? Any how I can not do anything with the workspace I have a pro account and the max space is 5GB what do I need to do to fix?


You can see the files we track by running du-c9 | sort -h.


I can recreate this before I can figure it out? I assume it did this because of the logging system? This is a Drupal 8 site. I have never experienced this before?


I assume that it was Drupal 8’s logging system that caused the Disk to get full? I am updating around 150 entities every two minutes. Since they are being updated and there is not a lot of code that I wrote and I can not get in that workspace I will assume I need try to better configure the logging system? If I am incorrect please let me know. Thank you