Disk quota reached


I have a problem with my IDE, it says: “Your disk is almost full. When your disk is full, normal operation won’t be possible anymore.” I can’t even write in my terminal window. I tried to "restart " but it only ennabled me acces to ide for a DAY without changing anything.
Hope to read your answers soon (very soon) thank you :slight_smile:


Simply put, you have reached the maximum disk capacity. Whether you’ve uploaded a bunch of images or just written a lot of code, you are limited in the amount of disk space you have. There are a two really good options I can think of: get a premium plan and expand your workspace, or delete some of your files. If you are for instance creating a website with jQuery, use a jQuery CDN so you don’t take up space, and the same for any other library. Other than that, there’s not a lot you can do.


I deleted all my files and I still have this problem! :frowning:


This often happens if you upgrade your Linux distro in the IDE. Did you do this? See Full disk after apt-get upgrade.


Do you have a link to the workspace?


I sloved the problem by creating a new workplace! Thank you ! :slight_smile: