Disk quota pop-up won't go away


As you can see from this first image, my workspace is only using 6614 MB out of 10240 MB – just 66%


Despite this, the graph shows the disk space is capped

This is causing the “disk quota” popup to appear, and it won’t go away:


Clicking the X puts the quota popup away for a couple of seconds, but after a very short amount of time (usually 5 seconds or so) it pops back up automatically

This is not only extremely distracting, but interfering with my ability to work

I believe this inability to properly read the disk quota may also explain a number of other bugs I’ve experienced today. Cloud9 has been randomly restarting my workspace and at one point even said it was archiving my workspace to migrate it to another server “for performance reasons”. The Apache and MySQL services keep going down and it’s becoming gradually more aggravating to try and get any work done.


You should be able to track the exact usage through du-c9 | sort -h. Could you see what size that reports?


du-c9 | sort -h returned a long list of files that exceeded the scroll-back history of the terminal, but at the bottom the largest directories were:

125M    ./var/lib/mysql
132M    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/app/images/properties/166
144M    ./home/ubuntu/.npm
147M    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/vendor
157M    ./home/ubuntu/.composer/cache/repo
157M    ./home/ubuntu/.composer/cache/repo/https---packagist.org
167M    ./var/lib
175M    ./var
209M    ./home/ubuntu/.composer
209M    ./home/ubuntu/.composer/cache
256M    ./tmp
258M    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/node_modules
2.5G    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/storage
2.5G    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/app
2.5G    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/app/images
2.5G    ./home/ubuntu/workspace/storage/app/images/properties
5.6G    ./home/ubuntu/workspace
6.0G    ./home
6.0G    ./home/ubuntu
6.5G    .

The command seems to be double-counting whenever there are sub-directories, as there’s no way I have 6.0G in /home and an additional 6.0G in /home/ubuntu and an additional 5.6G in /home/ubuntu/workspace. I therefore assume the final 6.5G in . can be assumed to show “total disk usage”

Not using C9’s du-c9 tool and just using du -d 1 -h | sort -h to find large files and using df to monitor the disk space that’s free confirms I’m only using 64% of the drive:

utstevenbarnett:~/workspace (master) $ du -h -d 1 | sort -h
12K     ./tests
16K     ./routes
36K     ./bootstrap
104K    ./config
444K    ./app
2.1M    ./.c9
11M     ./database
46M     ./.git
85M     ./resources
97M     ./public
147M    ./vendor
258M    ./node_modules
2.5G    ./storage
5.6G    .
utstevenbarnett:~/workspace (master) $ df
Filesystem                1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                       11188616   6772584   3815356  64% /
tmpfs                      26797712         0  26797712   0% /dev
tmpfs                      26797712         0  26797712   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/mapper/volg1-lvdata 1238412656 725966952 512429320  59% /mnt
shm                           65536         0     65536   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs                      26797712         0  26797712   0% /sys/firmware

Note that du includes the size of all sub-directories in the . at the bottom. Using ls -lh reveals that the current directory (excluding sub-directories) only contains 2.5G:

utstevenbarnett:~/workspace (master) $ ls -lh
total 2.5G <--- this line
drwxr-xr-x  11 ubuntu ubuntu 4.0K Mar 19 03:29 app/
-rw-r--r--   1 ubuntu ubuntu 1.7K Sep 26 14:29 artisan
drwxr-xr-x   3 ubuntu ubuntu 4.0K Sep 26 14:29 bootstrap/


I still haven’t found a good workaround for this. It’s really obnoxious.