Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later. Sept 2017 HELP PLEASE



Hi everyone I just want to start a new thread where Workspaces doesnt reach

My URL: https://ide.c9.io/frankcperdomo/webdevspace


I am also having this issue. My workspace: https://ide.c9.io/sefields/late-night-react

This has been happening all morning, for the last ~2+ hours


I have the same problem! I try to get into my Workshop but only the message “Disconnected: Could not reach your workspace. Please try again later.” But this message only appears in this workspace, the others work normally. What could have happened?
My username is: gesleyevening
workspace: gesley-ecommerce


Yeah It affects per workspace. I am not sure what happened, but if I had to guess it could’ve been a maintenance or a it timed out and hope it throws a flag for someone to notice.

I couldn’t access my workspace for an entire day. Lost connection around 9am and pretty much got access the next day at around 10am

Mind you I checked to see if i had access 12pm, 6pm, and before i went to sleep at 1am


Hope you didn’t lost any files.

Have yet to to cover mine. Coming to a week now.

Very slow response from Customer Support.

Can’t seem to timely address my queries to ensure we don’t take the wrong action that can result permanent lost of files.

Still waiting. Sigh.


If you’re having issues with individual workspaces, please send us an email at support@c9.io so we can take a look; be sure to include the affected workspaces as well as much information you can provide so we can start looking into it immediately!