Disappearing workspaces




A workspace has mysteriously disappeared last night. Was open for a week, worked on multiple machines, suddenly this morning I get 404.

Q: what is the premium support email address (not the stupid button that pops up a window that wants me to login to Microsoft). Just a plain email address please…


I have had the same issue. 11/3/17.


Time to fess up, Cloud9… If you want to be taken seriously this REALLY cannot be happening.


It happened to me last night as well. I sent an email in for “Premium Support” earlier today but haven’t heard anything back, now I’m seeing that their support only works during business days, so this means it will be Monday at the earliest before I hear anything. This certainly isn’t what I would call “premium” level support, and… if these wild random issues don’t stop happening and quick, I don’t see how this platform can stay relevant. If I’m at constant risk of losing my data, then I can’t use it!

To state the obvious, I’m very concerned about continuing to use C9.


FYI - got a reply via Premium Support about “root cause having been identified”, but no response regarding a question when will workspace be actually restored. BTW - supposedly the issue is related to spaces that were originally cloned from other spaces.


Hi all,

The vast majority of these issues were caused by issues with the cloning process. We’ve just patched the issue, and we’re looking into restoring the affected workspaces.

If you’re affected, please send an email to support@c9.io and we’ll take a look on our side. Please provide your username, any affected workspace names, and whether or not the workspace was a clone. If you know approximately around when the workspace was created/cloned, please pass that along too.

If you have any other questions, please send them along.


Hey Cloud9 - this is looking more and more like a prototype toy, not a
serious development platform…

Workspaces still have not been restored. Now some existing workspaces are
failing to start with the message below:

Unable to access your workspace

ssh process died with exit code 255
ssh: connect to host docker-gce-usw-972-prod port 43613: Connection timed


Hey, sorry for the trouble here.

We had a short outage which looks like the cause of your issue, however this has now been resolved. You can follow future updates on status.c9.io :slightly_smiling_face:.