Disabling the terminal monitor



Is there a way to disable the terminal monitor aka popup help in the runner window? Every time I restart my Express server it tells me I might be using the wrong port and IP, and to use the environment variables - even though I’m already doing that and it’s working fine.

As you might imagine, it gets incredibly annoying having to close this popup constantly. I haven’t been able to find an option to turn it off. Some help would be greatly appreciated.


Currently there is no way to turn it off. We can add an option to the notification popup to ignore the pattern which it was displayed.

But could you show what output is printed by your express server. Maybe the issue is caused by a broken regexp, and there is no need to disable the monitor.


Apparently I’m going crazy or something, but when I tried adding in the IP env var a.k.a. again it fixed the message so that I’m now getting the normal one with the browser URL. The only reason I was leaving out the listen IP in the first place is because it wasn’t making a difference before, I have no idea what changed… or maybe my memory is simply failing me.

Anyway just to give some extra info: if I don’t explicitly specify it, apparently the listen IP defaults to the “unspecified” IPv6 address of ::, which as far as I can tell is like the IPv6 equivalent of (listening on all addresses). Maybe you could expand your check to include this address too? It seems to work just as well, though I don’t know much about these things.

It would be nice to have a non-manual way of dismissing/disabling the popup messages regardless, sometimes they cover text which is pretty annoying, and even if there’s a long running monitor process (like nodemon) that automatically restarts the server, the message will pop up on each restart.

As a last, completely unrelated suggestion - would it be possible to get the debugger to support JavaScript source maps? It would be very helpful when working with code that gets transpiled.

Sorry if my original query wasted your time.