Disable yellow doc box in autocompletion



This post ties in with Disable non-contextual autocomplete suggestions.

Even when all of the docHead, doc, and noDoc options are empty or otherwise indicating no documentation, the yellow doc box will still appear with docHead filled in with the value of the autocomplete response’s ‘name’ field. The box displays (mostly empty) even if the autocomplete plugin refuses to respond with documentation details. This makes sense generally, but because my team is writing tools for beginning students, we’d like to clean the interface and suppress the yellow box altogether.

Is there any means to completely disable the ‘doc’ box that is displayed as part of an autocomplete suggestion?

This image shows the mostly-empty box, with docHead null but inferred from the search name.


The solution here was to change the CSS for the box as our plugin loads/unloads. Its class is “code_complete_doc_text”

ui.setStyleRule(".code_complete_doc_text", "display", "none !important");

Note that this turns off the documentation box throughout the system / in all languages. Disabling the box just for C remains an open question.