Disable non-contextual autocomplete suggestions



I’ve noticed that once an auto-completion handler is registered for a language, it’s as if User Settings/Language/Input/Complete as you type has been turned on for that language. [See attached images]

I’m working on a tool for an intro CS course that displays suggestions of functions from the C standard library, and would really like to disable these non-contextual suggestions. (I.e. if our plugin returns an empty suggestion list, don’t display the completion box at all).

Is there a way to block out non-contextual suggestions, even when the language handler returns no contextual results?

The below image shows the issue: the non-contextual results can grab suggestions from all sorts of places, and we worry that this could confuse beginning students.

Disable yellow doc box in autocompletion

Our ultimate solution here was to prevent loading of the c9.ide.language.generic/generic plugin via the config file’s exclude section. This prevents registering the language handlers that make non-contextual suggestions.