Did C9 reduced the work-space size?


Hi C9 Fans,

Just wondering if C9 recently reduced the work-space size for the free tier. After deleting 5 GB HDD/1 GB Ram work space I’m only getting an workspace with 2 GB HDD/512 MB RAM.

Please someone put light on it.


I’m having the same problem. I have larger (older) workspaces but for some reason, cannot create a workspace larger than 512MB RAM/ 2GB HDD.

Thing is, according to C9’s own documentation:

Each workspace can be resized to use a maximum of 1GB RAM and 5GB Disk space

…for free users. Yet, let me try that and it says only premium users can resize workspaces -__-



Thank you for writing in and asking about this. The free workspace size is now 512MB / 2GB. Also, resizing workspaces is allowed on the premium plan.

This answer by @bradydowling explains the context behind the decision: