[DEVS ONLY] Banned?


Hello. My account was recently banned. I can’t access any accounts. Why did this happen??

ACCOUNT NAME: xtremeplayzcode
ACCOUNT LINK: c9.io/xtremeplayzcode

Uhh i cant see my file

…And almost every one of my friend’s accounts are deleted as well. WTF???


Most likely, it’s something to do with this. Cloud9 is only for development and therefore is not for the hosting of websites, scripts, bots, or anything else like that. To develop, test, run, and iterate is :thumbsup: To download some code, run it, and leave it is :thumbsdown:


But still. Can I just have access once so I can download it and use it in some other app since your going to rip me off for leaving something I test for 2 days accidentally?


Maybe I’ll stop using C9 since I forget to get on for 2 days and they rip me off and ban me.


My friend was banned for a week or so… im not quite sure why, nor does he. But thank lord the crisis didnt haapen to me, since i have a LOT Of Devlopement projects stored in cloud9ide, trust @cloud9 to do a good job protecting those files, unless you are harming them, by sending in bots or hosts.


I don’t do that yet I can’t access anything.


cloud9 is meant for testing purposes, I have been using it for three years, correctly might I add, and with no issues.

Example: I am working on a school project with a group of five, we are making a web application. Its hosted on our school’s server, but development is really hard through it. So I created a PHP workspace, it gives me a free limited SQL database. So we all develop on c9 and simply send it over to the school’s server. Having to wait a minute for the workspace to start up is perfectly fine.


Exactly what I did. I hosted it somewhere else. I’m still banned. WTF?


Hmm… contradictory statements eh?


I don’t host it on c9. I download a website onto my c9 so others can access it cuz i cant easily access it on my web server. Then I upload it to my web server from c9.


Thanks for all the positive discussion around this. As a matter of policy, see my previous post:

For further inquiries about personal issues, go ahead and email security@c9.io.

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It looks like you were banned for running a bot for agar.io on your account.

We built Cloud9 as a platform to help people learn to code and develop software, not to run scripts found on the internet to play games. We generously give everyone resources for free because we want to help the world learn to code and It’s not fair on everyone else that you took advantage of this generosity and use our computing resources to run a bot to beat a game instead.

Furthermore I took a look at our logs and you absolutely did run the bot server on Cloud9, so now you’re wasting more of our time lying about your usage. Your account will remain blocked.

Blocked account at c9.io
Account blocked for some reason