Developing a WebExtension via C9


I’m trying to write a WebExtension with someone else. We’d like to use C9 for the development process. During development, previewing a WebExtension requires Firefox Developer’s edition or Nightly and a configuration change.

I figured out how to change the browser, but how do I navigate to about:config to set xpinstall.signatures.required?


Hey @MetaSean,

Is it possible to still collaborate/develop with the app preview popped out into it’s own Firefox window? See:

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That appears to solve the problem, although I’m not sure why. When I opened up the second tab and navigated to about:config the xpinstall.signatures.required was already set to false (i.e. it appears to be the default value in SauceLabs’ FF Dev), so now I’m kinda curious why I couldn’t get it to work in the first place.

Regardless, it appears to be working. :thumbsup: