Develop and install package on



I have made a bundle for a new language, with simple syntax highlighting and a run configuration.
Is it possible to install and use it on and possibly without publishing it first?

I have been able to install and use it using the sdk, but not on

I placed the package in ~/.c9/plugins/mybundle and ran the following commands:
c9 build
c9 install .

This worked with the sdk, but not on


You can open Cloud9 in debug mode which will automatically run it with any plugins you’re working on installed.

Open Cloud9 in debug mode via the menu Tools/Developer/Start in Debug Mode. Alternatively you can append ?debug=2 to the url of your workspace to get the same result.

Check out the Plugin Development Workflow doc for more details.


I placed the plugin in the ~/.c9/plugins/ folder and tried to run Cloud9 in debug mode, but the plugin was not loaded.
I am pretty sure that debug mode does not work since the “Tools/Developer/Start in Debug Mode” menu was not there, and going to “” didn’t seem to load in debug mode either.

The plugin is loaded when running the c9 sdk on my laptop (http://localhost:8181/ide.html?debug=2), but not on (


Please load via A fix for this is in the pipeline.


Can you run your own plugins on without running your IDE in debug mode?