Deleted Files recovery



A student of mine just recently had his files in his workspace deleted by themselves. Is there a way to recover his work?


Same thing is happening here as well!

My ‘node_modules’ folder is suddenly deleted by itself.
I re-create it, only to find out that after a few minutes it does that again…
That started to occur after I manually removed it once (to “refresh” my environment).

I guess c9 is for some reason repeating the same actions because the ‘removal’ action didn’t register in the system the first time.

I found similar behavior a few days ago when I moved a file to a different folder. Then I kept getting an error flash saying that that file cannot be deleted because it no longer exists in the old location. I think I restarted the IDE to overcome that.


Good job on Monday about something else that would have been working hard


when i tried to move a ton of my work spaces into another folder they automatically deleted. they were very important and i never tried to delete them earlier. how do i get them back?