Delete credit card


May we delete our credit card from our account?
thank you


If you’re talking about the credit card used for verification when you sign up, I’m pretty sure sure they never store the card. If you’ve paid for premium in the past and want to delete your card or are currently using it and want to downgrade your plan, I’m not sure whether they store your card, but to check, please contact with your username and ask them to delete it.


We require the credit card during registration in order to validate an account (the only time we don’t require this is for an education team invite, so teachers can invite students that do not have a credit card); you’ll notice that there is a $1 authorization that automatically expires. That being said, because of this, the credit card is stored in your account.

That being said, dannytech is right; we can delete it. Either send me a PM with your username or write to and we can have it removed from the free account! Obviously, if you choose to upgrade to a Premium plan, you’ll need to readd a credit card to your account.