Default SUDO Password


What is the default password of user ubuntu in c9?

m4ster_angel:~ passwd Changing password for ubuntu. (current) UNIX password: passwd: Authentication token manipulation error passwd: password unchanged m4ster_angel:~


Hey @m4ster_angel :slightly_smiling:,

Usually sudo su will give you sudo access. If you get “Authentication failure” or some other error then contact us via and we’ll be able to see what’s going on in your workspace.

From a Cloud 9 doc here:

But I don’t know if you can change the Workspace’s SUDO user password. If it’s an SSH Workspace then yes of course and this is the main way I use C9 these days.

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I haven’t figured out how to get the default password, but if you just want to change your password, you can do the following:

sudo su
passwd ubuntu
# Follow password change steps (doesn't prompt for current password)

Next time you try to su to ubuntu, that will be the password required. However, that doesn’t necessarily password-protect your prompt in c9, as you can simply click the + and get a new, logged-in terminal.

Hope this helped!


by default there is no password