Default Cloud9 IDE User on BeagleBone


Does anyone know how to set the default IDE user? The BeagleBone community hasn’t responded with an answer so I am reposting the question here.

The current OS release is Debian 4.1.12-ti-r29. The Cloud9 IDE is installed by default, but it opens the shell as root. Short of uninstalling the IDE can the default user be changed?

I saw this, but after changing:

.describe(“auth”, “Basic Auth username:password”)


.describe(“auth”, “debian:temppwd”)

and rebooting, the Cloud9 bash prompt is still “root@beaglebone:~# .”


Hi Paul,

Thank you for writing in. I’m not sure how much we can help here as the BeagleBone version of Cloud9 is different from the current hosted Cloud9 IDE ( and isn’t supported by us. The best way forward would be to continue asking the BeagleBone Community for help. I’m going to leave the question open here for a while, in case someone in this community knows something about what you’re asking.

Have a great day and happy coding!



Hi Mutahhir,

There is a compelling reason reason to have asynchronous I/O on a development embedded computer. Node.js (and BoneScript) handle this well enough. Somewhere in the history of this open source project, someone decided that having a full IDE running on the board was a good idea. At this point the BeagleBone Community hasn’t replied. Much of what I see on their dev boards is classical bit banging and polling which is sort of a waste of the machine.

I’ve just turned Cloud9 off, I can run it on other machines on the network.

Thanks for your reply and kind regards,

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Teminals in cloud9 run bash -l so they will be logged in as the same user which have launched the server.js.
You could either modify that file to run a different command, or modify the script that launches the server.js, to launch it from the user you want.