Debugging Go in Cloud9?


Hi! I just want to ask about debugging Go in cloud9.
If for example I have a go program and it is being called by a client-side javascript to process a POST/GET call, how do I launch a debugger so I can trace the Go codes? What I’m currently exploring is being able to debug a system end to end from browser up to cloud9 terminal. Is there a way to trigger a debugger for Go when it is called? If none, what is the best technique to debug Go in cloud9 IDE?


Are you using the go runner? If so just click the debug button to the right of the command. It will pop up the debugger when you click run.

Don’t forget to turn on the go code completion in the experimental panel of the config as well if you haven’t already.


Thanks justin! Yes, Im planning to use gorunner, may i know if you have a sample?

just a follow-up question: it would be good to be able to debug go end-to-end, so its like you’re debugging via browser, then once you get to the point where it issues an http request, we can wait for a debugger terminal to fire up on the server, is this possible?