Debugger in node.js react-starter-kit



I’m using react-starter-kit, and seem to have problem with debugger - as I start my runner, I can see that debugger is attached. Problem is, it does not stop on breakpoints. As far as I’m aware, second node process is starting with correct parameters, as I have changed /tools/runServer.js according to description in other thread.

server = cp.spawn('node', [
  serverPath], {
  env: Object.assign({ NODE_ENV: 'development' }, process.env),
  silent: false,

My (totally simple) runner looks like this:

  "script": ["nvm use stable > /dev/null",
  "npm start"],
  "debugger": "v8",
  "debugport": 15454,
  "info": "starting..."

for the moment, ‘stable’ is node v6.9.1