Debugger in C++



Hi, I’m encountering a trouble with debugging C++ code. I’ve just made a simple code to check debugger’s functionality, but when I set a breakpoint, then run this code, program stops at the breakpoint (which is ok), but on the right-hand side there are no variables in “local variables” and call stack is empty. I have C++ (simple) runner chosen, what am I doing wrong? I really appreciate any help, cheers. :smiley:


there may be a bug in the debugger, what code do you test.


Ok, problem disappeared when I changed .cpp file name to the one without non-english characters. However I have another question now: where is an option like “set command arguments” for program? I would like it to load data from a file in the same folder. I know I can do “g++ program.cpp” and then “./a.out ./input.txt”, but is it possible when debugging, like in typical IDE? Field “Command” looks like it, but there’s only file name and not compilation or something. So how I can merge command arguments functionality with the debugger’s one? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok, I figured it out, sorry for that dumb question, didn’t expect I should type commands just next to “~/file.cpp” in command window. Thanks for the help, this environment is awesome! ^^