Debug Falls Short of Intuitive Design an Usability


I’m trying to be kind here. I’ve raised this issue before. Can someone take a fresh look at the debugger feature in Cloud 9 IDE ? It requires a stop in the gutter ,on the line in which the variable one wishes to watch is. Unfortunately, upon running, all kinds of other watch variables stop popping up. A 50 loops function ends up mysteriously exiting the debugger after a couple of loops. Every other debugger I’ve used simply puts a drop down list of variable, registers and other memory locations in the debug window. The user selects what they want to watch, steps through the program and gets the job done. No unintuitive intermediate steps. No software glitches shutting the window down without user consent or explanation. No cluttered screens with a dozen variables the user doesn’t care about or asked for and so on. How about your team have a look at some really well designed and featured debuggers from other providers ? Microchip’s IDE, Keil’s IDE. I’m in the CS50 Harvard course and I’m spending weeks finding bugs and bugging staffers and students for help, simply because I can’t get your debugger to behave in an intuitive and predictable way. Cheers.


Yeah, at least you tried. :roll_eyes:


Don’t take it as a personal slight. I didn’t cuss or mention anyone’s mother in my complaint. Just a suggestion.


I have similar complaints about the C9 debugger. Potential to be great but I had a lot of trouble working with it too.

Why I’m responding: Just in case it helps and you weren’t aware of it, you always have the option of debugging your programs from the command line using gdb. gdb is an extremely versatile and powerful debugger whose only “failing” is that it’s a text-mode application rather than a snazzy GUI.


Ya, but an extra failing for GDB is that one has to remember all the commands too. A lot of people affiliated with the course are basically saying use GDB and don’t bother with the Cloud 9 debugger, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement.


It’s a great idea it just needs some tweaking. I posted this suggestion before and without offense, your staff took like an insult. Just continue to listen to suggestions and if they sound reasonable try and build these mods into next generation software. I just would like to see a drop down list for watches, of user created variable and other memory locations. I’m getting a lot of stuff showing up in watches I don’t care about and some stuff is not available for watches. As a fellow student, maybe a course staffer says : “A good debugger makes simple bugs easily fixable and harder debugging possible”.