Debug c lang but no respond



I cant debug my simple c program. always showing the following

Running "/home/ubuntu/workspace/t1.c"
Process /home/ubuntu/workspace/t1.c.o created; pid = 1691
Listening on port 15470

then no respond.


I have the same problem and hope someone from C9 is able tell you how to use the UI to debug a C program. If/when that happens, i would appreciate a @mention.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my workaround with you: I compile my program from the terminal using something like

gcc -g -Wall -o myprog myprog.c

(the -g is essential to getting the program compiled in a debuggable form)

…and then I just do gdb myprog to debug it using gdb. gdb is rather “old school” with no GUI but there are lots of intro tutorials for it on the Web and you only need a handful of commands to debug a program command line style. Works for me, anyway!