Customized premium plan



Plz add Customized premium plan!

As a hobbyist and student, I cannot afford a IDE for 19$ per month - that's even more expensive than my server! A premium plan can be nothing more than one ssh workspace with a low prizing for a WordPress blog, or with countless ssh / hot workspace for engineer with huge need of testing - all controlled by customer! This will be great for we hobbyist!


Definitely would love this.


Id like to see SSH only plans, it wont happen though…


I am a pensioner and have been involved with computing from the Hollerith Machine up till now.
But for the last 15 years not involved in business as I was able to retire -thanks to programming-
Being a widower I have ample time to take up my old hobby “programming” again.
I love programming but I hate the hassle of installing new programming environments.
And by reading the book about Rails by Michel Hartl I learned about Cloud9.
As I wanted also to learn other languages I took a subscription because I realize that
maintaining such a wonderful development environment costs money. But I find
the 19 dollars also a bit expensive and there must be a middle way as Microsoft
does where you have access to Office and Onedrive for about 9 euro’s a month.


Why not sign up with alternatives like Codeanywhere? They have much more affordable plans that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

I prefer the sophistication of c9, so I guess it’s back to: you get what you pay for.