Custom vim keybindings


So I’ve read up on mobile support and I realize it’s not a priority. We won’t be getting arrow key support in the ACE editor any time soon.

In the meantime, I’ve found that the vim keybindings are more than sufficient for me to navigate and edit code in the ACE editor with the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. The only thing missing is the Escape key, which many iPad keyboards lack.

Is there some way to remap another key combination to the “escape to command mode” vim command? This is really the only missing piece in making Cloud9 usable on my iPad. For example, could I map Control+Z to function as the ESC key?


Did you scroll down this page in documentation ? l I don’t have an iPad, but it helped me customize. Using jk to go back to normal mode is nice.

the “cloud 9” in their instructions is found when a workspace is open, in the left part of the top menu bar.