Custom runner not working anymore



I was using a custom runner like this one :

  "cmd": [
    "${debug?`node --version | grep -vqE \"v0\\..\\.\" && echo --nodead_code_elimination`}",
  "env": {
    "ARGS1": 4,
    "ARGS2": 8282,
    "ARGS3": "W",
    "ARGS4": 30,
    "ARGS5": "true",
    "ARGS6": 30,
    "ARGS7": 30,
    "ARGS8": "true",
    "ENV": "test"
  "info" : "Started $project_path$file_name",
  "debugger": "v8",
  "debugport": 15452,
  "selector": "source.js"

And it was working fine. But now, I can’t launch my app with this runner. Nothing happen.

Is this a bug or something changed in the runner description ? (I found nothing related to this on your documentation)


runners haven’t changed so it still should work. does it at least open output window? on which workspace do you try this?