Custom re-ordering of workspaces in dashboard



I should be able to re-arrange the workspace order which will save a lot of time wandering around finding my project I have to work on. I can remember where my workspace is and I can click on it blindly.

Be able to reorder projects in dashboard

Thanks a lot for providing this feedback and idea of custom ordering of the project cards. I will pass it along to the team working on the dashboard which funnily enough includes me :))



Could you give as a few pointers to what would improve the situation for you?
I’m thinking of

  • Grouping by workspace image (Node.js, Meteor, PHP)
  • Grouping by workspace type (SSH, Hosted, )

When you use the filter input, it’ll actually filter by alphabetical order, as opposed to last-access time.
I personally prefer last-access as the workspaces I work on the most appear in the top.

(full disclosure: I work on the Dasboard too)


Hi thanks for the reply

These could be the default grouping options however I like the idea of tags like Honestly I hate the color combinations but filtering and showing what is what is awesome. Like some ssh servers just contain test servers and other contains live servers I can have development server on top, test servers on 2nd and live servers which require fewer immediate patching on bottom. It is more or less depending on users.

I would like something like Google keep. It has tags, it has filtering (not the way I like) it has background colors and it can remember positions. I love remembering of positions and it was a feature like I would never think of but the android app neutriNote is something I love about. I know which page is what while writing and I go blindly. I just no things like second row, first column is chapter 1 and I want to edit it. Few hours back I would just go to first row 2nd column this is chapter 2. This has saved my tons of time looking for what I need. It comes very natural. Similarly google keep colors are just way too awesome. Red is my todo, blue is my catch up points and so on. I can’t even imagine how good c9 will become only with this feature alone.


I know this is somewhat minor but as I now start putting more and more projects onto c9 I would really like the ability to order my dashboard to as productive as possible, pushing old and inactive projects (but need to be kept) to the bottom of the pile instead of having them at the top



I get what you mean; we’ve been considering a more condensed view and various other options, but we don’t have it on the active roadmap yet.

Projects are currently ordered by last access timestamp so old projects should slowly move to the bottom of your page by default. (see “Updated a x ago”) How would you prefer to order things?


If I was to go a bit over board I would like to see categories and drag and drop and well.

For example, my projects include:

  • 10 Yii2 extensions
  • 10 Yii1 extensions
  • 5 personal projects
  • 1 Django project
  • about 10 other random projects of nasty random stuff

I would love to categorise or group my projects into sections. Of course, when I come to add all my projects (eventually) a search function wouldn’t go amiss either, a basic regex search on the title would be enough.


Eh, you are basically saying that this:

Is too subtle? I use it all the time to find stuff…


Ha, my eyes never even noticed that


all of the above, but most importantly, could you introduce the notion of a hierarchy among the projects? Ie Folders of projects would be great because they are often related


Just my 2 cents as I’d like just the ability to pin projects to the top row. Everything else is fine and works good for me. I have a handful of projects I work on constantly between other workspaces and would be nice to pin them to the top so if I don’t work on them for a week I can locate them without extra typing or scrolling.


Looks as though this topic hasn’t had any progress. I will throw my two cents in anyway. The ability to filter by a user defined category or tag would be beneficial. I have a couple starter template workspaces that I like to clone that would be great to get them off the main screen. I also have some personal projects that I wouldn’t mind separating out from the main list. Lastly, when working on a project for a client I may have multiple workspaces in use so the ability to define a “Project 1”, “Project 2” or “Client A”, “Client B” group would be great. Sorting within the categories can still be by last accessed.