Custom .eslint file doesn't work for Meteor


Hi Brady

I’ve had to fix a lot of lint errors in the past few days and eslint support sure would have come in handy…
Alas, it didn’t work for me.
I do Meteor development and user their recommended code style, which is based off of AirBnb’s.
Throw in a special meteor eslint plugin and customize some rules and I have non-trivial linter configuration.
I have the config in .eslintrc.json format, because .eslintrc (which Cloud9 claims to support) is actually deprecated.
So I tried to rename it (removing all comments and checking on as well) to .eslintrc and enabling the option as you described, but all this does is disable the basic built-in code analysis of the ACE editor. So I have no style checking at all until I disable eslint again in the preferences.

The config works well enough. I tested it on Windows in the Atom editor and I fixed all the errors by now.
For the future however, I would like to know what I could do to get it working, or how to debug why it is not working.
Maybe it is a problem that I did npm install -g eslint?
Does the support only work for new Virtual Machines?

I like Cloud9, but having no linter support is almost a showstopper for me and the rest of my team.


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Like you the lack of proper eslint support in Cloud9 was a show stopper for me so I had a quick look into how it was currently supported, turns out the default linter in Cloud9 IDE uses a browser copy of eslint that does not support all of the same features as the cli tool, I wrote this plugin to fix the issues I had been having personally and it supports eslint properly like if you were using the eslint cli which means it will work with the airbnb config.

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