Css is delayed to update on workspace



Css is taking 30+min to run on c9 while javascript updates instantly.


Can you tell us more? Which workspace is this? What do you mean by CSS running? Which browser are you using?


I’m on the same workspace as him. The problem is that when we save a CSS file, that is definetely linked to the html page, it takes almost 30-60 minutes to update onto the running application. As comparison, changing HTML or Javascript is updated instantly. I tried refreshing the application with no success.


We are using an HTML5 workspace and displaying it on chrome


Its still not working anyone go solutions


It’s doing the thing again, we need some help


Nevermind it went back to normal. Thank you so much for responding to this.


I am having the same problem. Change an attribute in my css file and it doesn’t update on the preview for an extended period of time. 30+ minutes. An example would be a simple change like changing the background of a section from red to green.


Update on the preview not updating when changing an element in the CSS file.

  • Still having major issues in Chrome - Unusable. Change something in the css file and can take 30+ minutes to update.

*Logged into C9 with MS Edge and preview works in real time as it is suppposed to. MS Edge 38.14393.0.0 & MS EdgeHTML 14.14393

  • Also had the same success with MS IE 11 version 11.447.14393.0