CSS Grid Property? HELP!



Hey there!

Cloud9 doesn’t seem to understand my grid property code. I don’t want to have to move my site elsewhere but I am super frustrated, does anyone know if it wants a different syntax or something? Or is it just not supported in c9 despite being supported on all modern browsers?

Please help!


CSS grids are rendered by the browser; Cloud9 shouldn’t be an issue. I’d make sure that your web server is correctly serving up the CSS file you’re trying to access.


When I type the code into c9, it says it doesn’t know what it is. Here’s a screenshot (it’s messy, I know, just look at the error)


Hi I am trying to implement CSS Grid codes and its not working. The CSS file doesn’t recognize “grid-template-columns” or “grid-template-rows”. Any word on this?


Hey! So I discovered it was actually an outdated checker–Cloud9 doesn’t acknowledge it because it is an old checker. So it does work once you put it on the site, but it is going to tell you they are all wrong and basically you’re not going to be able to use the checker for these lines. If you try a code you know works (pull it off W3 schools or something) you’ll see it works even though it all says it is errors! If you need me to look over your code or something, let me know!


Where are the responses to this from the developer? I understand that css grid properties work in the browser but find it frustrating the the linter employed by C9 throws up errors. Is there any way of reconfiguration to stop these errors occurring?