CSS Autocomplete Broken again



CSS Autocomplete Broken - the problem persists

Suggest doesn’t work in CSS

And just sometimes gets an error (see. screenshot)



Thank you for writing in. We recently introduced a new code completion daemon: https://c9.io/blog/the-new-way-to-code-python/. To install it, virtualenv is needed in the workspace.

Normal Cloud9 workspaces have this preinstalled, but on an SSH workspace we can’t do this ourselves since sudo is needed. For Ubuntu/Debian-like Linux, pip install virtualenv or sudo pip install virtualenv should be enough. Please let us know if that doesn’t resolve it.



The error was gone, but autocomplete not working


I have the same problem, virtualenv already installed
$ pip install virtualenv
Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): virtualenv in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages

Tips on CSS files only appear if there are styles fit in the same or adjacent files in the project (in front of each prompt is seen where c9 found it) and if you write something like
.testclass {
Previously, he was showing all the possible options tnaprimer padding, padding-top, padding-Left, and so on, and now only the hints that he found in the neighboring files; (



  1. I started by installing on a clean server ubuntu 14.04x64 Digitalocean https://github.com/c9/install configured Node and created a new Workspace - C9 works fine, but in the * .css files when opening appears ‘pip install virtualenv’ and not working Autocomplete

  2. I installed pip and executed pip install virtualenv and made a reboot - inscription lost, but Autocomplete in the CSS does not work in JS file autocomplete works fine

How to solve this problem? Please, help


Finally did you solved this? i’m having the same problem.

I’ve open a thread about too