CSS autocomplete attibutes



hi guys,

I am new using this ID, currently i’m working with the version Version 3.1.3502 (2d05ddeb7c) installed on my own server.

The thing is that i’m working with a CSS file and i want to know if is possible to have autocomplete for attributes and values or there is any way to have this with a plug in?


This should work out of the box. Make sure you’re working in a .css file and try it in the online version at https://c9.io and then you’ll see it in action.


Yeah i saw that in the online version it works as should do, but i was trying on the cloud9 core repo.

In the image can you see that the autocomplete don’t give me the possible values for the position attribute.

Could you tell why is this?


Same thing happening here with css and sass files.
Auto-complete frequently has bizarre or NO values


Getting to the point where I can’t defend it anymore and people want to switch cloud editors.