Cs50 pset7: mysite - Forbidden


Hello! I did everything as it says in the pset7.
cd pset7
chmod a+x ~/workspace/pset7/public
cd ~/workspace/pset7/public
chmod a+x css fonts img js
chmod a+r css/* fonts/* img/* js/*
killall -9 server
apache50 stop
apache50 start ~/workspace/pset7/public
mysql50 start
I read that I should find myself redirected to C$50 Finance’s login page! But all I see is ‘forbidden’. I read in the course: “If you instead see Forbidden, odds are you missed a step earlier.” I did everything from the beggining. I looked for solutions in the Internet. Nothing helped. I ended up giving all the files 777 permission. I know it’s not right but I did try many other solutions, restarted apache and sql many times. I spent so many hours trying to fix this problem. Nothing changes. Please, help. Ira.


Please tell me if I broke my CS50 cloud completely…


For questions specific to CS50, you may find more/better support at StackExchange or reddit. There is also a facebook page, you can find the link in the class materials (Discussion tab).

The chmod 777 action should not “break” the CS50 IDE. It does create security vulnerabilities in the web site. Assuming your workspace is private, it won’t be too much of a problem. For the internet at large it would pose a big problem.

You will likely encounter the same problem in pset8. Here is the definitive guide to pset7 and 8 permissions.