Cs50.io check50 not working


When ever, try to use:
check50 cs50/2017/x/hello
it returns "bash: check50: command not found"
Why is that?


check50 should be in /opt/pyenv/shims. Can you run
ls /opt/pyenv/shims and see if check50 is there?

If it is, run echo $PATH to see if /opt/pyenv/shims is in your path. If it isn’t, I’d recommend appending that. Alternately, you can just run check50 from the absolute path instead (/opt/pyenv/shims/check50).


Hi @v.enciso, try running:

$ ~/.cs50/bin/update50

then click CS50 IDE > Restart and try again!


check50 is there. I ran it it’s there. checkcs50 is now asking for GITHUB username and password?
Where would I find that?