CS50 IDE "Error: [object Object]"


Very new to programming
Just recently starting an intro to computer science class that requires we use CS50 IDE. I ran an update as directed when it popped up at the top of the screen. After restarting the client I continue to receive "Error: [object Object] whenever I take any action. For now it seems that even with the error message the basic programs are still running right. If anybody could provide some assistance as to why and how I can fix this problem that would be great.


I have the same problem.


Hopefully a solution will surface. I’m worried it might cause an issue further down the road.


Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll follow up shortly! You can keep an eye on cs50.statuspage.io too in the meantime!


@lettucerage does running update50 again now fix this problem?


I just recently got another notification to update using update50. When i tried to run the update it told me no such file or directory.