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I’m just a student, I don’t have any job. Credit card requires me to verify the income. So I can’t create account on C9 :slight_smile: thanks.



Hello, i have just tried to make an account on cloud9 to try it out. I have cancelled my sign up process since credit card details was needed. I will never give such personal information just for an account. Thank you gor all and bye.


Another lost user here - I was excited to try out c9, on advice from colleagues.
No way I’m giving a credit card for verification.
I thought only porn sites and other such shifty outfits pulled stunts like this.
Sorely disappointed, and disdainful of this lamentable design decision.


So disappointed with the approach you are taking. There are a lot more ways for authenticating a person.


Hi, I’m from China. I hope to develop on c9 without any worries about downloading tools or configuration, but I had the credit card problem. I only have a credit card national not international. Personally, I don’t want to process a visa for an account, I barely use it! Why free users have to provide cc information? You can ask them to pay when they start to use chargeable services. You are losing big marketing now.


why whas everything working great a year ago and this year it seems like you whant more people that are paying.
yes just register a account is free but they have you credit card now so it makes i a lot easier to get a monthly payment.
phone number would also be enough I would think.


I have a small team that is working on a free program. The free version of C9 would work great for us for now however my colleagues refuse to sign up with a CC. Eventually, we would probably move to a paid version for our team. However, they want to try the service before providing their CC information.

I have used C9 for personal projects so I know how well it works for me but they want to make sure it works for them before they use a credit card on your site. I agree with their point of view that requiring a credit card for a free account is a turn off for them using the program. I know that I never would have tried C9 had it required a credit card when I signed up. I feel like you are losing more potential customers than it may be worth by using this verification method. I understand the reasoning behind it however there must be a better way to manage this.


just like SybridMD asked for $1 for billing signup. I think its fair enough, if they are asking for $1. Atleast it can authenticate the user. You can look at $1 Billing.


This made me furious - I’m onboarding a new developer with our paid account but I can’t create a new account for him, so I have to use my personal credit card to sign him up … (I can’t ask him to pay for working here, so I have to take it out of my own pocket to get him working)

If creditcards are a requirements, then you should be able to create new users from the team dashboard, imho.


You can do this indeed. Simply invite the user to your team by their email address and then you’ll be prompted to send them an invite email, which will contain a link allowing them to bypass the credit card requirement.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work this morning.
I remember this working a couple of months ago, but not when I tested it
this morning. :confused:
I made note of that in the e-mail I sent to the support team.


I won’t being joining Cloud9 - I have no desire to give you my CC details including the 3 digit code from the back. You are not a multi-billion dollar company that spends millions on security - so why would anyone trust you with that data?


Cloud9 is indeed an Amazon company. Security is very important to us and we invest significant time and effort into it.

That said, we do not store any credit card information. We use a trusted third-party payment provider to handle credit card information and transactions.

Could someone explain the Credit Card verifiaction?

That’s good to know - that information should be on the credit card request page; you shouldn’t assume you have the right to such important information without reassuring first.


I never make an account on any blogs or community websites, but I just had to make an account here to solely express how ridiculous this credit card idea was. Whoever came up with the idea is on drugs. You must have lost thousands of potential downloads and customers, domestically and internationally. I was extremely excited to use your platform, but I ran for the hills when this required credit card information “verification” page appeared.

Going through the comments I see foreign students who already have a difficult enough time getting access to resources like this, classrooms of students who are far too young to even know what a credit card is, and humble educators who want nothing more than to make people’s lives better. By keeping this policy in place you are losing customers, losing educators, and losing students.

I’ve heard nothing but great things from cloud9, but I guess I won’t have the chance to see it for myself. And I guess neither will thousands of others who cannot get past your absurd credit card verification. Good luck with your “security”, I’m going to go find another cloud IDE. Maybe I will get to use your IDE in the future, because I would really love to. But apparently this problem has been going on for months and you still have changed nothing, so maybe I won’t get to use it one day.


For me as a Lecturer at a university and at another scrool, Cloud9 is dead now. I used c9 as my primary tool to let my students practicing building websites. Many dozen students already used it. With the requirement of a credit card, it’s not possible to usw it any more. My students don’t have a credit card to set up an account and I don’t want to use my for the them.

The idea to use a credit card to be the entry point was a really bad idea. This was the dead for your whole business. No more students will sign up and they will never come back to spend money for special accounts. I moved away with my new students. Bye, cloud9.


@macx it sounds like the Education Plan would still work well for you. It would allow you to signup for $1 a month and invite as many students as you’d like to without them needing a credit card at all. Have a look at the education plan FAQs for more details.


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