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Yesterday classes started again and one of my older students told me had to use a credit card to create a free account. As he didn’t do it last year because he did a different course. So everybody in that class has an account except for one.
At my school, about 50 new students start with classes next week. According to the schedule we start using Cloud 9 after the Holidays. But as they also have no credit card, they also won’t be able to create a free account. The account is still free, but only if your willing to enter valid credit card information.

The alternative is the School plan. What was once free, will now cost $10 for each teacher. You told your reasons for adding a “paywall” for a free account, and knowing that teachers use your services you added a school plan.
Will there be a real free alternative in the future? Or do I have till the Holidays to go to one of your competitors? Because I find it disappointing that this is the best solution you could find.


I just want you to remember this text when login into a “old” machine: In order to provide a free service for everyone, we stop workspaces after a while.

So, PLEASE verify Teachers and open free use for educational use - School plan is CRAP! I get no money at school for something like this and if u dont want to do this: REMOVE FREE TEXT and be patient to all the programmers with money…


Thanks, Netzeb, for letting me know that this works. I was thinking about doing the same thing for my FIRST Robotics Competition team’s programming students (high schoolers).


In some country like mine it isnt normal to have a credt card. so if you whant some users to not be able to access there account any more go a head…


Hey, I’m a student, I’m 14 years old and living in the US. I (obviously) don’t have access to a credit card.

I’m trying to do some web development from school as an independent study (meaning I don’t have a teacher). Unfortunately, school computers are:

  1. Windows
  2. Tightly locked-down

As such, a browser-based IDE is really my only option. I’ve tried codeanywhere and found that their software is fairly buggy. I thought I’d give c9 a shot even though the lack of free SSH workspaces is disappointing (I can probably work with Git), but unfortunately credit card requirement is a dealbreaker for me.

I understand the potential for abuse of this service, but forcing credit card signups sounds like a terrible solution to me. A reCAPTCHA would be easy, efficient, and effective as far as I can see.

I also feel like linking github / twitter accounts to one’s c9 account should be sufficient proof of human-ness.

I’m feeling very frustrated that I can’t take advantage of this service as a student working independently.

Thoughts? What’s the best path to continue forward for someone in my situation?



Hi Brady,
I’m teaching a class in a college with about 100 students in it. I was looking for a way to set a workspace that the students can see but can’t change, and the School plan is doing that. But I also want them to be able to clone the workspace and play with it - how can this be achieved.

Thank you,



sounds perfect to me at this moment :slight_smile:

Do you think we can switch from individual account to this plan without any cost, or is it an additional plan and I can keep my multiple private boxes ?

Thank you Brady !


This is not the thread of this, but you should play around with the workspaces and see how they work. Workspaces are public, you can check out mine. Try to change it and edit it. I think you will figure out your answer. Also try “sharing” your workspace with me, you can see the controls on sharing the workspace, I think it will fit you needs.


For an immediate independent solution, go to a CVS or other convenience store, get a pre-paid visa card and use that to sign up. For an immediate dependent solution, ask to borrow your parents card.


Individual accounts and School Plans are different. You can go to your account page, click the upgrade button or what ever is there under “Subscriptions” and that will take you to It will tell you what you currently have. The school plan is an additional plan.
If you add a School plan to your current plan, you will keep all your current plan’s benefits and add all the School plan’s benefits. You will also incur the costs of the School plan.


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I’ve been developing and subscribed with Cloud9 for around 1 year and from a developer standpoint, I can completely understand where the C9 devs are coming from when they want to get this level of validation from their users.

C9 opens up a very powerful development environment to anyone, it’s a fantastic place to work and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can just log in and carry on… home, work, goto the other-side of the world if you want.

But, unfortunately this opens up a platform for ill intent. Hackers, spammers, scammers, blackhatters, wrong-doers around the net. Ultimately whatever these sorts are doing ends up coming from Cloud9’s IP addresses.

These servers belong to them and if they don’t take care of them, the result is they get blacklisted for all kinds of awful shit. This is a good way of dealing with it! I would do the same.


Someone it achievement create a new free account?, Im a student and this was a best tool for practice. I found a other similar site , but it is not same if someone know how to create or if is possible yet create a new free account without credit card , please let me know.




With the addition of the Teacher’s payment service i have been forced to upgrade to the teachers account. Now i understand i can have students sign up without using credit cards if i do so. But what happens to these accounts if for some reason I or my school discontinues these payments even for a short while? Will they be erased/suspended since they are tied to my account?


If you cancel your plan or remove students from your team, their individual accounts will remain intact. For this reason, it’s important for students to note the options for owner of the workspace when going through the workspace creation process.

If the workspace is something that will be used after the class is over, the student will want to choose themselves as the workspace owner. If the workspace will only be used while the student is a member of your Cloud9 team plan, the student will want to choose your team as the workspace owner. By default, the team is the owner of the workspace.


Yeah, that’s really cool!


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Education plan clarifications
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I am also an avid user and I enrolled all my students last year for free. This year however, we have 100 new students and we want to enroll all of them in one go. Also, I don’t want to use my personal card to do this. I tweeted to Brady about this, but I haven’t yet received a usable answer; question remains; I want to enroll a 100+ students, we are will to pay, how do I do this?

Kind regards,

Johan Perk
ROC Midden Nederland ICT College
Utrecht, the Netherlands


I wanted to educate my friend in Python so I immediately went to cloud9. Once I found out it now requires a credit card he can’t sign up for an account and I can’t teach him anything. I hope you know what you’ve done. This is a great way to lose trust, users, and eventually your money.