Credit Card Required for Free Account


The instructor wouldn’t need any special username/password reset because that’s already an existing function within c9.

New requirement. A student account would have an email associated with it that would be used pretty much only for a student to reset his password.

New requirement. A student account would never be billed for anything. Why? They only get a limited free account and the student would be unable to upgrade or delete their account.



c9 already has a market. Their potential market is the millions of developers out there. They work in bulk since their focus in on providing collaborative development environments in bulk.

They want more developers to sign up for ci9. Instructors are effectively providing a marketing channel directly to the people who would be interested in becoming ci9 customers. Right ci9?



You could implemente a reCaptcha instead.

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Cloud9 sucks credit card verification sucks, i’m from Brazil, and keep geting this “processor decline” error.



Has there been any updates on this issue? We are nearing the start of the school year and I am afraid I am going to need a solution rather soon or will be forced to find another platform for all (600+) students in my program.

Any and all updates are appreciated.



Hi all! Thanks again for the feedback and lots of good ideas. This is certainly a living thing that we’re working on and I don’t know if we will find a solution that satisfies everyone but that’s definitely what we’re after.

As of today, we have a solution that we’re happy with for all educational users, schools, camps, etc. If this sounds like you, please visit the Cloud9 Pricing Page and choose the School plan to look at full details.

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Hi Bradly,

my problem is different. I use to work in remote, and c9 is perfect for me as I can share my box (at least the url) to show to
my manager my code. Now, because my mates have to put their credit card (they don’t want to) I can’t work smoothly.

I dont need to clone boxes for them… so, since you add this restriction c9 is unusable to me :confused:

ps: I also teach unit & functional testing to computer sciences student, and obviously they wont use their credit card only to follow a course.





We are just a few weeks out from the school year, are we close to an Educational(highschool and lower level) solution. I currently only see a higher education premium solution.




Today we’re proud to announce our School plan. This allows educators and instructors to create a team for all their students at a flat-rate of $10/month, no matter how many students you add. Adding a student will invite him/her to join Cloud9 with no need for a credit card on their end.

For further details and to add a school team plan to your account now, head over to the Cloud9 Pricing Page.

The Schools plan is a specific type of team plan. For further questions on how teams work and behave, please see the team FAQ.



Thanks for replying and again, thanks for supporting this problem. The new solution is really great for those that really use c9 for online courses and stuff. But this solution hasn’t helped the ones that use c9 for hobbies ( or because do not have credit card ). I have a group of friends that really liked c9 but sadly can’t sign up because they do not have CC. I’m praying to have this new solution, or soon, c9 will slowly fall down for its competitors.

Please, implement another security law <3.



Dear Sir,
I am from india and want to make a website for educational purposes and i am still a student, which means that i cannot get a credit card in my country. Please find a way such that people like us can also signup and use the awesome cloud9 ide. You help can change the future… Thank You.



Hi, Im also a teacher and I used Cloud9 with my students, now with this requirement new students can’t create free accounts… This requirement is Stupid, and I think this is the worst idea you have ever had for prevent abusers.



Hi Guys,

Why credit card info is required? It’s big question mark but there are so many other competitors who are better than cloud9 and they do free signup as well such as codepen, codenvy etc. So better switch to other free online IDE’s which are better than cloud 9.

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As many said, Re-capcha, phone numbers for sign up is more than enough. If cloud 9 listened to users then they should have already removed that credit card info by this time. This not gonna happen and developers can work outside of cloud 9.




I’m working in a homework in group for university and I’m not a teacher. Of the 4 members, 3 have a C9 account, but one does not have. and does not have a credit card too…

How to proceed in this case? The homework is in group, and this problem is…well, really a problem for us.

Can anyone at C9 help me please?

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I feel like if they remove this requirement and find some other type of verification method, it’ll be a defining moment for them, like when Facebook was told to drop the ‘the’.

Evidently… youngesters, teachers, classrooms, certain areas, all wont/cannot provide credit cards. On top of this, lots of people don’t trust entering there credit card information online… as such a lot of cloud9’s future customers and potential market is being lost.



I, for one, am another potential user that saw the credit card requirement for a free account and immediately raised a red flag. This is what companies that scam people do. My husband and I will not be using cloud9 and will be spreading the word that free isn’t free here.



I am also a teacher in a vocational school teaching C++ and PHP. C9 was my main place to teach and check the work of my students. Now i can only use it to showcase the lectures but am apparently unable to let this years class use C9 as their work repository (i have yet to see another C++ environement that lets you compile, run and save your work online)

Would it be possible to circumvent the credit card requirement for school accounts? I teach people over the age of 19 but in my country credit cards are almost never needed and only some have hybrid cards (a combination of a debit and credit card).

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Hi mahoraz,

Please see above Brady’s post about the school plan. This might be a good fit for your situation.




There’s still no consideration of kids who don’t have classes like this in their K-12 curriculum, left to their own devices when it comes to learning and educating themselves. Independent study is the major reason why your platform gets the traffic and use that it does. When you implemented this ‘security measure’, you made it impossible for thousands of kids, who don’t have a credit card and want to learn how to program, to use this platform! By implementing a CC requirement, you’re completely stopping people (like highschoolers whose hobby is programming) from using the platform and that deters them from both using the platform, and learning to program in the first place. It makes it a firewall for some (a good thing), but a frontline (a bad thing) for others. It doesn’t consider kids, nor does it consider hobbyists, student interest groups, or school clubs.

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