Credit Card Required for Free Account


I won’t being joining Cloud9 - I have no desire to give you my CC details including the 3 digit code from the back. You are not a multi-billion dollar company that spends millions on security - so why would anyone trust you with that data?


Cloud9 is indeed an Amazon company. Security is very important to us and we invest significant time and effort into it.

That said, we do not store any credit card information. We use a trusted third-party payment provider to handle credit card information and transactions.

Could someone explain the Credit Card verifiaction?

That’s good to know - that information should be on the credit card request page; you shouldn’t assume you have the right to such important information without reassuring first.


I never make an account on any blogs or community websites, but I just had to make an account here to solely express how ridiculous this credit card idea was. Whoever came up with the idea is on drugs. You must have lost thousands of potential downloads and customers, domestically and internationally. I was extremely excited to use your platform, but I ran for the hills when this required credit card information “verification” page appeared.

Going through the comments I see foreign students who already have a difficult enough time getting access to resources like this, classrooms of students who are far too young to even know what a credit card is, and humble educators who want nothing more than to make people’s lives better. By keeping this policy in place you are losing customers, losing educators, and losing students.

I’ve heard nothing but great things from cloud9, but I guess I won’t have the chance to see it for myself. And I guess neither will thousands of others who cannot get past your absurd credit card verification. Good luck with your “security”, I’m going to go find another cloud IDE. Maybe I will get to use your IDE in the future, because I would really love to. But apparently this problem has been going on for months and you still have changed nothing, so maybe I won’t get to use it one day.


For me as a Lecturer at a university and at another scrool, Cloud9 is dead now. I used c9 as my primary tool to let my students practicing building websites. Many dozen students already used it. With the requirement of a credit card, it’s not possible to usw it any more. My students don’t have a credit card to set up an account and I don’t want to use my for the them.

The idea to use a credit card to be the entry point was a really bad idea. This was the dead for your whole business. No more students will sign up and they will never come back to spend money for special accounts. I moved away with my new students. Bye, cloud9.


@macx it sounds like the Education Plan would still work well for you. It would allow you to signup for $1 a month and invite as many students as you’d like to without them needing a credit card at all. Have a look at the education plan FAQs for more details.

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I’m wanting to use the free plan as a hobbyist, but I don’t have a credit card, nor phone so I can’t verify with either of those. I’m not a student, so I can’t do a education plan. Are there any alternatives?


Thanks for the reply, I signed up for the new plan.



I also found this annoying. And it’s not because I don’t have credit card (I have one though), but because I don’t want to submit my card online.

As hackers now days can access almost anything, I’m not quite sure if it’s safe to give my card out to non-top-tier companies (Top-Tier: Google, Paypal, Amazon etc).

Could you guys please make another way to verify your user please? like maybe Paypal or something, not card directly.


Cloud9 is actually part of the Amazon Web Services family, and takes great care with your details. That said, it is generally bad practice to handle credit card data, and I also disagree with this method of verification.


i think you can use a prepaid credit card.
you can use it for 1/2 months before you can’t use it any more.
It normaly costs only 1 euro without the credit that you whant to put on it


A few friends I know recommend I sign up here, but I don’t have a credit card I can use to sign up.
I don’t understand why you won’t use SMS verification. I would be amazed if there was anyone who wanted to sign up for this site who has a Credit Card but not a phone. As it is, it is very hard to create an email address for anyone under 12, so by requiring an email you have essentially stopped non-educational use of the website to people under the age of 12 anyway.
However, any adult with a child that wants to sign up would doubtless have a phone which can receive text messages. It would be trivial to store the phone number that was used to create the account and forbid other accounts to be set up with that phone number.

But here’s the real advantage. A student’s parent would have not issue entering a phone number to receive a single verification text. But even if I had a credit card, I wouldn’t enter it on your website.
And telling me “we don’t store credit cards,” we let some other company (who has no vested interest in the security of my data) store your data doesn’t help. Very few people would try to hack into a cloud IDE company to steal credit card info, and it’s unlikely that a company who makes money off of a subscription IDE would start selling credit card numbers. One the other hand, a company whose sole purpose is storing hundreds of thousands of credit cards for other companies, is probably maliciously attacked by hackers every other day. And such a compandy is probably bombarded with offers of money in exchange for the data of some else’s customers.

On the other hand, SMS brings in no other company, doesn’t store sensitive user information, and would get you a ton more users. I haven’t even gotten into how few people have credit cards when compared with the number of people who have phones, because the underlying issue is the security.

And no, buying a prepaid card or setting up credit card or buying an education plan is not a solution.

-Another lost user.


Our only problem to us among students that likes to use your services, is some of us doesn’t have a Credit card, Although I understand that you want to increase your security. IMHO you should have another way to verify their accounts without requiring a credit card as verification at all.


Hi there,

I am facing the same problem. I input my credit card details, and the decline message appear.
I am unable to create the Cloud9 IDE account. I need to use this free account. I am a student.

Can the administrator help me out please?



Yes this is really annoying. I’ve been using c9 for a long time and recommend it to my friends, but many high school students don’t have credit cards and it’s not possible for them to make an account.


I think I’m in the same boat as a lot of the others here. Cloud9 was an excellent program and I was planning to use it to teach one of my younger siblings some javascript, and then they ran into the credit card wall. The clear nonsense answer of ‘needing to verify identity’ (when email and captcha are perfectly serviceable for most of the internet) coupled with the persistent pushing of the paid accounts means I don’t think I can use it in good conscience. There is a smart way to do freemium, and this isn’t it.


I just wanted to point out that this is the top post in the entire community, and has been for a very long time. It has over 100 replies, and each post provides the same request, from people who are affected. Yes, Cloud9 has taken steps to solve it in some cases, such as creating the education plan for classes, but this by no stretch of the imagination works for everyone. I’ve been part of the community since before the feature was implemented and since this thread started, so the feature doesn’t affect me, but I’ve seen post after post after post of frustrated users and people who can’t become users because of this feature. I want to just ask Cloud9 to evaluate whether the credit card solution was actually effective and worth the frustration of users, because it is indeed a bad user experience, and also a security risk, as handling sensitive data unnecessarily is basically Rule #1 in the list of things NOT to do. I’m sure there are many more people who have turned away from this great product, simply because it’s out of reach. Yes, Cloud9 continues to concentrate on other, technical aspects of the product, and as a long-time daily user of Cloud9, I appreciate that, but other people don’t and can’t appreciate and use it, due to this limitation. There are plenty of good suggestions above, and I ask Cloud9 to please pay attention to them, so that this irreplaceable service will be more accessible and so that this thread will be a memory in the past, rather than a continuous top 1-sided conversation. This community is a place for feedback, and this is feedback, please listen.

Thank you for Cloud9, but for everyone’s sake, please, please, do something.

- dhellstern


I am a software developer and medical informatics director interested in learning more about Cloud9. Putting a credit card moat around this experience seems stunningly self-defeating. There is no way I’m going to submit a credit number just for the chance to take a test drive, especially when there are several other suitable and lower-risk mechanisms by which you can ensure the legitimacy of a would-be user.