Creating new workspace template


I was wery happy today when I have sucessfuly installed aspnet working website on Cloud9 Workspace :slightly_smiling:

However, that required some preparation and since I see you have templating system, I thought I could participate and provide you with ws-aspnet ready Docker template.

I’m new to Docker and I was wandering if it was possible to somehow check and test my Docker scripts to be sure everything installs correctly before I do PR ? I didn’t see anywere any option like “Use custom workspace template” ?

How should I proceed ?



We don’t currently have a way to launch a custom workspace from a docker file, but if you submit the PR we will test it ourselves and let you know if it has any issues.


You should be able to build it like any other docker image, we don’t do anything custom around the actual building of the images (just the infrastructure/testing/deployment/etc is different).

So if you check the file in the templates repo here:

That should give you a good starting point, if it doesn’t, message me at because I wrote it and want it to be helpful to new contributors :slightly_smiling:

I would just outright copy a folder from another simple workspace like ws-python-plain, ws-ruby, ws-php or something and edit it to your liking. You can just build it as any other docker image to test it.


Tim, it is still the case that we cannot create a custom workspace from a dockerfile?