Creating first ruby gem with Cloud9



Hey, I am trying to build/publish my first gem with bundler, and I am using my favorite ide, cloud 9 along the way.

The thing is that the bundler tutorial is a bit more advanced than I am and so I have a basic question to ask:

According to the tutorial: “… we can run rake build which will build a local copy of our gem and then gem install pkg/foodie-0.1.0.gem to install it. Then we can try it locally by running the commands that it provides…”

My question is this. Where is on my workspace stored this local copy of the gem? I could not find it last night and in order to test my gem I had to publish it with rake release and then yank it.

And the ‘yank’ part brings me to a related subquestion: by running gem yank do I get rid of this local copy as well? Or the local copy sits still somewhere on my space?



I haven’t taken the tutorial for using c9, but the gem files are a special location outside your workspace in an invis folder. I stumbled it when updating gems manually that hadn’t been patched. I would just do the ‘cd’ command to the files till someone good hops on here … example…

cd /workspace//.rvm/gems/ruby-@/bundler/gems/


Hey thanks for the answer! I ve actually run into real trouble and I would like to give some heads up advice here: there seems to be an issue with bundler so it may be wise to avoid updating, installing, creating gems through it for some time.

I am getting a persistent message that is literally not going anywhere for the time being. Learning a lot here but I am just glad I am not stuck with a real life situation here.

Lots of ppl seem to have run into trouble lately so do ur work through gem install directly.

Btw is there a tutorial for cloud 9? Didnt know that, would appriciate a link :slight_smile:


Update: You CAN create gems in rails on cloud9 - just have to alter the files in your app directory & push via the tutorials I listed below … here’s the link to the little test gem(it does basically nothing) I did awhile back …

I saw the tutorial for cloud9 at one point, but haven’t in months - if you google it with “site: tutorial” you get several good hits.

Also, I’m revisiting my efforts using this tutorial and so far it’s working for making my own gem …

Augmenting some of the older knowledge with …