Creating a NodeJS application with a Neo4J database on C9ide


Hi there

Is it possible to create a NodeJS application with a Neo4J database on C9ide?

I am able to create a Neo4J database or a NodeJS application in isolation but not able to get both into one workspace. Any advice appreciated.



What problems are you having when trying to put them in the same workspace?


Hi Justincy

I am unable to get the app to run. I keep getting an error about a not being able to connect.

I wanted to know if has been done before and if there are some defined guidelines (like use port 8080 instead of 7474) that should be followed on c9




That’s only if you need to access both applications outside of your workspace. Normally you would have your node app on 8080, your database on whatever and just connect to it from your app. Other than restrictions on internet facing ports (described in the link above) there are no real restrictions.


I’m not getting to run the Neo4j. I already saw the content of link:
It doesn’t help me with the problem. I executed the command below:
sudo neo4j start
neo4j status

And the answer:
Neo4j is not running

How do I do to it run?