Couldn´t start my SSH workspace in a DigitalOcean droplet


I´ve upgraded my account to activate an SSH workspace using a DigitalOcean droplet.
I followed the instructions about the RSA Key.
After de C9 installer began, the next message appeared:

Installation Started

Package Cloud9 IDE 1

running ‘sudo apt-get install -y build-essential’ to install missing dependencies: , make, gcc, g++
###[sudo] password for jchidalgo:

waiting forever and ever…
when I looked into my VPS, in my home directory there was a “.c9” directory so the Cloud9 installler could enter to my VPS and to be sure about it, I checked using another workspace hosted in C9 and in a terminal entered:

ssh myusr@ipDroplet

and after that, the system warned me about the new connection and then I could enter to my droplet, so the RSA Key was ok.
Please, help to see what´s wrong with my SSH workspace.
Why is it asking for my SUDO password?

Unable to connect to new SSH server

It needs to install build-essential package to be able to compile binary node modules.
If you do not want to type your sudo password into installer, you can install tmux and build-essential before running cloud9 installer.

You can also manually install all the dependencies from using

Or if you want full control over what is installed have a look at


Thank you very much!
It´s working now