Could not update for educational plan


I am a student and I could not use my workspace because of
constant warning of not enough space.
I need to upgrade it but i could not to do so: it said that name is
already exist even so I’ve tried to different name.
How to set up education plan and upgrade in order to use cloud9?
I could not go to step2 and provide payment option (output as below)

Cloud9 IDE for Education
$1 / team / month - $0 / user / month

Each team member gets:

1 Private Cloud9 Workspace
∞ Community Workspaces
Free unlimited students
Students signup without credit card
You can add and remove team members any time, and your team’s workspaces will always remain under your control.


It is additional to the previous post: even so I reach step 2, I could
not proceed with information because I could not select the type of
payment: types of credit card are not clickable.
How to proceed with educational plan?


I think I proceed with education plan providing my credential.
Even so the process is completed, i still could not get bigger space
and reduce memory and CPU since I’ve used only small part of them.
How to


I sign up providing my credential and it all went through but i still could not make bigger space.
Also, since I am a student why I need to provide my credit card(see quote)?
Would you please clarify the issues with payment for student and how to make bigger space.


Educational plan is for teachers, it allows to create a team of students, so you don’t need it.
If you really want to upgrade you need the individual plan, but you could just create a new workspace instead.


But the question was asked about several days ago - and since I didn’t
get any clarification and could not use cloud9 because of constant warnings about not enough space - I’ve purchase education
plan(see as below):
Could you give me some extra space regarding the purchase since iI am a student and I need the extra space and I don’t have any clarification about education plan even so I’ve asked numerously before I made the purchase.

/part of/prove of purchase as below

“Thank you for your purchase with Cloud9 IDE! Below you will find a receipt of your transaction!
As soon as the transaction has been authorized and settled with your bank, you’ll be able to view and download the invoice from your billing page.”


I’ve got email from cloud9 asking to remove the teams that I’ve created in order to delete my credit card. I’ve deleted the teams but I have no confirmation that my card is deleted.
Could I check if my card is deleted?
If my instructor sign me for education team, could this instructor be able to access my private workspase?


I’ve got answer: it is solved.