Could not install ffmpeg to workspace


it seems that i am running out of space when trying to update ubuntu and install ffmpeg. should i just give up?


How much space do you have on your workspace?


default 1GB.
but i think i use most of my space when i do “sudo apt-get update” so it can then find ffmpeg when i “sudo apt-get install ffmpeg”

If someone could help me upgrade my workspace to the new 1GB RAM and 5GB space that would solve my problem (probably).
Thank you!


Upgrades are not possible. You may try making a new workspace and importing all your existing code into that new workspace.

apt-get upgrade

Workspaces are built from docker images. Disk space is counted against your 5GB (or however big your workspace is) when files are different from the base image used to create the workspace.

If you run apt-get upgrade then that instantly changes many files from the base image and fills up a lot of your disk space.

This should not be the case for update but it sounds like you may be running upgrade. Is that right?