Could not connect debugger to the debugger proxy



When i am working in one of my workspaces i constantly get this error message: Could not connect debugger to the debugger proxy. As far I know I am not running any debug processes, but it’s crashing my browser. So my question is: Do any of you know how to solve this problem?


Could you include what method/runner you’re using to run your app and maybe a screenshot of the error as well?


I have the same issue. Was working then stopped. Runner is Apache/PHP with debug enabled.


Hi I have the same problem. The build in runner for apache PHP stop working after 2 webpage reloads. “Could not connect debugger to the debugger proxy”
I can find a lot of cloud 9 user having the same problem but no solution after 3 years.
Hmm, maybe Cloud 9 is a bad solution for debugging.


This is a bad news. PHP project often becomes huge. Cannot rely on var_dump() and echo() on debugging. This is very time consuming and wears me out. We must have debugger working with stability otherwise, C9 is not a good place to do PHP project.