COPPA Compliance?



I’m looking to use Cloud9 with 11-14 year-old students but we have to make sure that the program is COPPA Compliant, but I couldn’t find it in the Terms of Cloud9… Can anyone point me to where I can find this information? I’d love to use it with my students. And I wasn’t sure if the Education plan would cover us, but I just need the documentation to share with my school.


While I’m not sure about compliance, you are definitely covered by the education plan, as anyone can purchase an education plan, no verification required. Unfortunately, Cloud9 doesn’t have a sales contact (as far as I know), but @bryceito or @abailiss might be able to help you with COPPA.


Thanks for the reply. When I create an education account and make accounts for my students, can I make 20 generic student accounts (Student1, Student2, etc)? As long as names, addresses, student email addresses, etc don’t need to be collected, I should be okay.


No, we are not COPPA compliant (maybe at some point in the future) but feel free to create generic accounts in whatever way you like for educational purposes!



Thanks! That’s helpful.